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Letting Agent Services

Faster, intelligent referencing utilising Open Banking technology 

Subject to the tenant giving permission, our referencing services uses Open Banking data to provide a faster and more reliable referencing report.  With instant confirmation of income and rent payment data, you can proceed with confidence in a fraction of the time. 

Personalised service with a dedicated account manager

We understand that time is money and we know how to get things done.  Our letting agents benefit from a dedicated account manager who will oversee your referencing applications and be available to help with queries in real time.  We will not keep you waiting in endless call queues and you will have a direct line to someone who can help you.

Our fully trained team, not software, makes referencing decisions

Whilst we embrace new technology to assist the referencing process, we ensure that a member of our team checks details fully, to avoid mistakes made by automated decision software.

Choosing the right tenant from the start can eliminate the stress of late or missing rent payments and reduce the risk of damage to your property and problem tenants.  Our range of services is available to letting agents at competitive rates.

Full Profile Referencing

We believe our Full Profile service does more than any other product available in the industry to minimise the risk of defaulting tenants. Our cost effective service provides the greatest depth of enquiry currently available to landlords in the UK and we aim to respond within twenty four to forty eight hours. 

Each Full Profile includes:

Written verification of employment/income

Previous letting reference or home ownership check

Residency confirmation

Affordability calculation

Full credit history check including:

County Court Judgment (CCJ) search

Bankruptcy & IVA data search

Linked address checks

Electoral roll presence

Existing credit agreements

Application tracking with 24 hour online access

Easy to read comprehensive report by email

Instant Credit Check

Our Credit Check service is ideal for situations when you require information quickly. Simply enter the name, date of birth and addresses of the applicant for an instant result. 

Each Credit Check includes:

County Court Judgment (CCJ) search

Bankruptcy & IVA data search

Linked address checks

Electoral roll presence

Existing credit agreements

Insight Referencing – Same Day Response

Our Insight service has a normal response time of four hours. All references are collected verbally by our trained operators whilst on outgoing telephone calls. The service is not suitable for self-employed, retired or overseas applicants unless they opt in to Open Banking and some employers may not confirm information on the telephone.

Each Insight Application includes:

Employment Status/Salary confirmation

Address verification/Residency confirmation

Bank account confirmation

County Court Judgement search

Bankruptcy information search

Existing credit agreement check

TDFT Data – A search of our database of bad tenants and previous applications is included.

Previous Landlord/Letting Agent reference

Affordability calculation

Company Check  

Letting a property to a company is not guaranteed income. In the current economic climate it is more  – important than ever to ensure that the company you let to is a good risk.

Is your customer likely to go out of business owing you money? Will a customer delay payments, costing you time and money as you chase the payments? A Company Reference Check can help you avoid these difficult situations.

Each Credit Check includes:

Confirmation of registered office, trading addresses and date of incorporation

Verification of business activities

Details of any previous names or subsidiaries

Full analysis of profit and loss account and balance sheet

County Court Judgment search

Verification of Director details

Suggested Credit Limit and Risk Level 

Register for free for immediate access our services:

Before ordering any services, you must first register your details with us using our short registration form.  Registration is FREE for ALL Landlords and there are no hidden charges – you simply pay for the services you order, when you order them.

Registration only takes a couple of minutes and you can order your first report immediately upon completion. 


Before using FLS Tenant Referencing you will need to register your details with us. The details you supply will be used solely for the purpose of providing our services to you.

Once you have completed the registration form you will receive an email confirming your registration. An account manager will contact you shortly and send you all of the information you need.

There is no registration or monthly charges – simply register now and pay only when you want to order a service.

Yes. When you register to use our services we will verify your agency details. Subject to being able to verify your account details we will open a monthly credit account for you.

This is a personal choice and depends on your attitude to risk assessment. Simply, using our Credit Check service will let you know if your prospective tenants or guarantors have had any problems in the past and given you the correct addresses. Our Full Profile service will include references and income confirmation and the result will be predictive of what is likely to happen in the future.

Letting Agents can choose between submitting online applications or by sending application forms that have been completed by your applicants. For Credit Check and Company applications you can simply enter the information required into the online form. For Full Profile Applications you can choose between an online application or sending in completed paper applications.

Yes, if you wish to – we can provide a printable form for you to issue to your tenants and guarantors.

Our services are usually provided to Letting Agents on a monthly credit account. You will receive an invoice at the end of the calendar month for all applications submitted during that month.

Tenant Referencing is a requirement of Rentguard Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee products. Using FLS Tenant Referencing will help meet the requirements of the policy.

We will recommend a guarantor when:

  • the applicant has insufficient income
  • the applicant has minor credit history problems
  • the applicant is unemployed or we are not happy with the status of their employer
  • the applicant is self-employed and unable to provide acceptable proof of income
  • we receive a negative reference from a current/previous landlord
  • the applicant is a student, unemployed or on housing benefit
  • the applicant’s history of residence or identity can not be verified
  • the application is considered generally weak for any other reason

We will decline a guarantor application when:

  • negative credit history is located
  • the guarantor has insufficient income
  • the guarantor is employed on a temporary contract or casual employment
  • the guarantor is self-employed and has no proof of income
  • the guarantor’s residency at their address cannot be verified
  • the information on the application is found to be fraudulent

An acceptable guarantor will be financially stable and able to demonstrate that they can afford to cover the tenant’s rent; they have to be a full UK resident and be confirmed at their current address; they should not have any adverse credit history; they should be prepared to have a full guarantor reference carried out by Rentguard and to also sign a Guarantor Agreement. 

To enable you to get the most benefit from our services we have a dedicated support team to help with enquiries. They will be able to assist you through the process and answer any questions you have about Tenant Referencing.

The support team can be contacted on 01227 257777 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm. If you are a registered user you can also request help or advice from within your user area and track your applications 24 hours a day.