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About us

About FLS Tenant Referencing

Established in 1992, FLS has grown to become one of the most respected tenant referencing companies within the UK, producing credit reports for landlords and managing agents.

Our services have been designed to reduce as much of the risk as possible from both residential and commercial lettings and to provide peace of mind. We understand that letting property can be a potential minefield and our skilled and dedicated staff will work with you in order to find the best tenants for your properties.

Every case is treated with due diligence and we pride ourselves on an exceptionally low fail rate. We know only too well that the average applicant typically provides far less information about themselves than is required which makes it difficult for the landlord or agent to make an informed decision as to their credit worthiness. FLS will always try to obtain the missing information and provide a credit report on the applicant’s standing, based on the information gathered. We can also check if an applicant is, for example, using an alias name, providing multiple addresses or naming a bogus employer to try and secure a property.

When you call FLS you will always be given the name of the person you are dealing with so you will have a regular point of contact throughout the referencing process. We also provide an online tracking system that allows you to track the progress of each application twenty-four hours a day.

FLS is a company with an excellent service record. We have a loyal client base with a very low attrition rate and we work hard to ensure that quality, service and value for money are maintained.