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Help Guide for using FLS Tenant Referencing Services

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Creating a new application online

To create a new application online, login to your account and select the correct option from the menu on the left of the page. You will first be asked to select the service you require and enter the details of the property being applied for, including the monthly rent amount.

Credit Check Applications
You will be asked to provide the name, date of birth, addresses and a contact telephone number for each person to be checked. You will also be asked to confirm you have consent to carry out the search.

Full Profile Applications
When ordering a Full Profile application online you can choose between submitting full details of each tenant or supplying their name and email address for us to send an online application to them directly.

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Sending online applications to your tenants by email

When ordering a Full Profile application you can choose to send application links by email to your prospective tenants. Simply click to start a new application and select the Full Profile service. The option to send the tenants an online application is selected as the default option.

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Ordering by fax

To order any service by fax download our tenancy application form and provide one copy to each tenant or guarantor. Once they have been completed, application forms can be faxed to 01227 710266. Please remember to add your client number to each form sent. If you are not an account customer we will call you to obtain payment before processing can begin.

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Telephone support

To discuss your application please feel free to contact us on 01227 257 777 between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm Monday-Thursday, 9am to 5pm Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

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Tracking your application

You can track Full Profile applications from within your user area on this website. All Full Profile applications currently being processed will show in your ‘Current Applications’ list. Tracking is not provided for Credit Check, Insight or Company applications as they have fixed response times.

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Getting your results

Online Credit Check results will be available in your ‘Completed Applications’ section of your user area. All other results will be sent by fax or email using the details stored in your account.

A summary of all application results can be located in your ‘Completed Applications list.

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Response times

Full Profile - Average 48 hours
Credit Check - Instant when ordered online or one working hour by fax
Company Referencing - One working day
Insight Referencing - Four working hours

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Income Levels

Typically, 35% of an applicant’s gross monthly income should be equal to or greater than their rent share. This can increase or decrease depending on their personal situation, for example, the applicant may have savings or they may have existing financial commitments that need to be taken into account.

When considering guarantor applications this reduces to 25%.

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Credit History

In general, applicants should be clear from negative credit history data such as CCJs, and bankruptcy orders and should not have entered into arrangements with their creditors. Applicants with minor credit history problems may be able to pass referencing with a suitable guarantor subject to meeting all other relevant criteria.

We may recommend you do not proceed with applicants who have large or multiple CCJs under any circumstances.

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Guarantor criteria

Guarantors must have a good credit history and be verified to be residing at a UK address. It must be demonstrated that they have sufficient income or assets to undertake responsibility for rent payments on the property being applied for.

It is not essential that a guarantor is a homeowner although this will be taken into account when assessing the risk level.

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Online payments

If you do not have a monthly credit account with us you will be asked to make an online payment when you place your order. We use SagePay to securely process our card transactions. SagePay is a leading payment services provider that provides encrypted and secure card processing services.

Payment cards accepted include Visa and Mastercard and when making a payment using these cards you may be asked to provide additional security information to satisfy Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure schemes. We are unable to assist with enquiries relating to these schemes and you should contact your card issuers for further assistance.

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Account customers

If you have a monthly credit account with us you may submit applications for processing without making immediate payment. We operate a calendar month billing cycle and an invoice will be generated on the 1st of each month for all applications submitted within the previous calendar month.

Payment terms for account customers are strictly 14 days from the date of the invoice.

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Changing your account details

To change any of the details we hold on file for you please make your request in writing, by emailing

We may be able to change certain details over the telephone if we are able to verify your identity.

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