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Customer Care

FLS have a straightforward approach to customer care, service and support - essentially we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. We enjoy good, ongoing working relationships with our customers. Typically, this allows our staff to create friendly and supportive partnerships with all the members of your team.

Customers are provided with telephone numbers for all key members of the team, so there is always someone available to talk to you. We provide an online tracking system that allows you to track the progress of each application twenty four hours a day.

FLS is committed to:

  • Meeting and exceeding our customers’ service expectations
  • Providing comprehensive advice on all of our products and services
  • Offering an all inclusive service to meet all of our customers’ needs
  • Ensuring that all transactions are completed accurately and promptly
  • Prompt resolution of any customer issues or complaints
Tell us your ideas and opinions

We are committed to the ongoing development of the services we provide, the training of our team and the way in which they deliver our services to you. We will always listen to our customers in order to understand their requirements and to this end we invite you to tell us your ideas and where possible we will incorporate your suggestions into our development programme.